The Foundation for Holocaust Education Projects

In partnership with the Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project



Creative Initiatives in Holocaust Education for schools and community out reach

The Foundation for Holocaust Education Projects developed creative and innovative projects in partnership with the Poland Jewish Cemeteries Resortaion Project to teach the Holocaust and its relevant lessons in our everyday life. All projects are hands on and focusing on shifting the creative responsibilities and lessons learned to the younger generation.

Holocaust Survivor visits to schools and small communities across the US
In English and in Foreign language studies At the brilliant request of one of our amazing students, we offer the opportunity to share Hearing Survivors’ stories in the  survivors’ native language, allowing students to hear survivor stories in their 2nd language such as French, Spanish, and German.

Remote Learning with Holocaust Survivors
With the advancing age of our Holocaust survivors, we are also honored to offer this opportunity by way of our “Remote Learning” Project. This project links the Survivor together with students by way of the Internet.

A Series of Miracles
The Retelling of Holocaust Survivors in our “Series of Miracles” Book Project This unique retelling of Survivor stories by students with teacher guidance only also includes illustrations, historical input.  Time management, organizational skills are amazing outcroppings from this project.
The unveiling of the Project for the Survivors, The book signings, Tees, cups and mugs…

The Dramatic Series
“Who returned my soul… “ The original play by Kelly D. Brock retells the survivors’ stories of survival and triumph in their own words and offers their personal messages for the future generations (… They shall tell the children… Deut) …  The play written in Readers’ Theater style (with scripts on stage) allows as few as 10 actors from middle to high school to college to professional community theater to as many as 30 characters to allow for greater class participation. The play is also designed to be split into single monologues, 2, 3 or a 1 act play.

Set Design Teams
Teams of teens share in the creative process of creating relevant and tremendous visual effects for versions of the Foundation Play. These set designs are designed to also be used as study tools in schools and as exhibits within communities and online.

Book Mark Messages                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Shared in libraries, bookstores expressing quotes from the play, 2 survivors for each marker (a memento of the performance as well as an education tool). Actors in Residence – Teen actors tour local schools as mentors to share their experience with survivors in preparation of the play.  They will mentor, encourage, and guide students who are preparing the play or are studying the Holocaust.  During these mentoring sessions, the actors can share a monologue & invite students to participate. They will be their mentors until the play is complete. 

Holocaust Education Week  Offering various lectures/programs hosted by the local Privet and Public schools, Churches, Synagogues, Private and Pubic Universities and other local organizations. (Shanenduah Valley Holocaust Education Project (SVHEP), Rabbi Joe Blair, Project Coordinator)